We follow 5 step procedure to make your journey to dream home easy

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Client Interaction to Understand the Needs

The first and foremost step that we consider very essential is to understand the vision of our client that’s YOU, clearly. In order to bring your vision to life, we brainstorm every detail with you that including your lifestyle, needs, profession, and other factors in order to design the most suitable plan for you. We understand your requirement by asking very specific questions that can give us all a clear vision of your exact needs and demands of you.

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Preparing the

A good interior design project is the result of all the elements and details aligning together in a perfect way. In order to make this possible, the second step is the layout where we understand the space, and its use and then design a structure for the same. Preparing the layout makes it easier to understand the space and modify changes in the plan.

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Discussion with 3D
Virtual Plan

We walk you through the whole layout. While doing so we use 3D design visualization to make it easier to understand and cut out unnecessary elements or designs that you no longer feel would go with your vision. This makes the process so simple for both you and us. It saves a lot of time as the trial and error step gets eliminated in no time.

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Commercial Proposal and
Further Plans

Post the discussion and finalization of the strategy. We strategize and design a commercial proposal that would suit best your requirements. We assure you that our commercials are budget-friendly and cost-effective.

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Executing Dream

Now that we have translated your vision into 3D Design and finalized everything. Our team diligently starts working on the project. They combine the best furnishing and decor that will align with your vision.


We at Dream Kitchen are on a mission to bridge the gap between your dream house and bring it to life by being the bridge. Having decades of experience, it comes easy to us in bringing ideas to life just how you visualized your dream home. We take care of all your needs, right from interior designs, and decors to getting you the best cost-effective plan. We are based out in Bhopal and out of many top interior designers in Bhopal, we are considered one of the best interior designer in Bhopal.

We strongly believe in custom designs that are exclusive just for you and focus on intricate details and quality that matter to you. In this modern era, giving an internationally designed home at an effective cost is what we aim at by using factory-finished materials, 3D Visualization, trending colors, and much more. This is exactly why we follow a special process where we get to know you, your vision, and your ideas. Our special process makes the working experience smooth for you and us both! And what better way than involving clients to add their touch to their dream home plan right?


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